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7 Tips to Get The Most Miles From Your Michelin Tires

7 Tips to Get The Most Miles From Your Michelin Tires

Michelin is a globally recognized brand of tire that offers many different types of tires. However, it is important to keep in mind, that all tires are not created equal. Michelin has spent years perfecting its technology to ensure that you get the best possible ride from your vehicle.

While most people use Michelin tires, not everyone knows how to get the most value from their tires. Here are 7 tips you could consider if you want to get the most out of your tires.

1. Check Tire Pressure Regularly

The only way to ensure that you’re driving on the proper tire pressure is to check it regularly. Michelin recommends checking your tire pressure at least once a month, but ideally, you should check it more often. Check your tires before long road trips and before doing any kind of maintenance on them (like rotating or replacing).

Checking your tire pressure is also important if you have new rims installed on your vehicle. The mechanic who does the rims installation may not have filled up all four tires back up to their recommended inflation levels.

2. Rotate Your Tires Every 5,000 to 7,000 Miles

You should rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. The exact amount of miles you need to rotate them will vary depending on the size of your tires and what kind of car you drive. It’s also important that you’re rotating the right way. Make sure that when the tires get rotated, facing an alternating pattern so that each tire gets its turn on each side of the car.

You can only rotate your tires if they have enough tread left on them. If any tire has less than 2/32nds (about three-quarters) of an inch left, replace it immediately with a new one before rotating them (this amount will vary depending on whether you drive front-wheel or rear-wheel drive).

If all four tires are low enough for rotation but not yet at their end stage, rotate them anyway as soon as possible. Remember, driving with worn out tires increases fuel consumption and makes driving more dangerous than usual. This is because there will be less traction available from each wheel during turns due to smaller contact patches between road surface and rubber patch area during cornering maneuvers like corners where two lanes meet at 90 degrees each other facing opposite directions.

3. Watch the Curb When Parking

It’s a fact that curb parking can cause damage to not just Michelin tires but almost all tires. The side walls of your tires are made of rubber, which will wear down over time from being parked on the curb. You may notice this as small scratches or cuts on the sides of your tire. It is also possible for your tires to become completely battered and worn out.

When you park on the curb, there is an increased risk of having an accident or hitting something if you drive forward or backward because the car isn’t sitting straight up and down. This makes it harder for you to maneuver into tight spaces without bumping into anything else around you, whether that’s another car or a mailbox nearby. If this happens, then there will be additional stress placed upon those damaged areas – causing even more damage overall!

4. Avoid Hitting Potholes at All Cost

Avoiding potholes is the most important thing you can do to get the most miles from your tires. Potholes are deep holes in the pavement caused by water and ice, or by damage to the road surface itself.

If you hit a pothole, it could damage your treads and cause blowouts, meaning you might lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident or blowout on other cars around you.

Some potholes are big enough that they’ll cause damage to your suspension system as well!

5. Be Mindful of Sharp Edges (Like Manhole Covers)

Be careful of sharp edges and road debris. Sharp objects can damage your tire and cause it to go flat, so try to avoid driving over them as much as you can. Even if you do manage to avoid hitting a sharp rock or piece of glass, don’t let your guard down: you might still run into a pothole or curb that could cause damage.

Manhole covers are notorious for damaging tires, so be sure not to accidentally drive over one—especially at high speeds! If you’re traveling on the highway and there’s no way around it (and no shoulder), slow down before hitting the gas again after passing under the manhole cover.

6. Keep Your Tires Clean and Protected With Our Michelin Tire Shine Products

To get the most miles from your Michelin tires, you should use their tire shine products. Tire care products are a great way to keep your tires looking good and performing better. They can also help protect your tires from UV damage, which is one of the biggest causes of premature tire wear. And of course, cleaning and protecting your tires will help them last longer too!

Michelin Tire Shine products are available in a variety of options depending on what type of finish you’re looking for. Here are just 2 types of such tire care products.

Paste: For more of a sheen that will show off the treads (and look great at night) try our paste-based product that provides high gloss but has some flexibility so it doesn’t stick to areas like lug nuts or other parts where you don’t want shine. This option also works well on wheels if you want something that won’t attract dust or dirt as easily as liquid solutions do sometimes.

However it is recommended to apply with an applicator brush rather than just pouring it straight onto the rims so there aren’t any drips when they dry down later on down the road if applied too liberally initially!

Liquid Spray: This liquid spray provides excellent coverage over both interior and exterior surfaces without leaving behind any streaks whatsoever thanks to its microfiber applicator pad included along side each bottle (no need for additional tools).

Additionally, since its water based formula means no oily residue left behind after application either, making it perfect for those who prefer long lasting results without having hindering performance later down road.

7. Purchase Michelin’s Road Hazard Protection Plan

When you buy new tires, you’re also able to purchase a Road Hazard Protection plan from just $8 per tire. This covers you in the event of a flat tire if your tire is covered under the warranty. If it’s not, this plan will still cover up to four tires (up to $100 total), and fix or replace them with no deductibles or additional fees.

You can purchase this Plan when you buy your tires, or add it later on as needed. When purchasing separately from Michelin, there’s no deductible required!


Michelin tires have been around since 1889, and they have proven themselves time and time again. Michelin recommends taking your car to be inspected by an expert before buying any new tires so that they know exactly what size tire fits best on your vehicle.

Also pay attention to how often you rotate them! This will help keep them in top condition for longer periods of time as well as ensure smooth rides all around every corner… even if it means going just a tad slower!

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