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+49211385 36988

Guaranteed Quality

all of our tires and spare parts are in top quality to supply your customers and make them coming back,

Int'l Shipping

fast and reliable shipping to international destinations. Get orders processed within 7 days of order confirmation

Customized Loading

we offer a customized and free container loading based on your preferences according to your port.

Top Brands/Marks

Our supplies are from top marks and brands as well as from reliable European manufacturers.

What Do We Supply?

We supply wholesale new and used car/truck tires of different sizes and brands, auto spare parts of top quality brands like Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Honda and other prominent marks. We are working with to manufacturers and distributors to make sure we can offer the best wholesale prices for our tires and auto spare parts.

Request a quotation today and receive our full corporate offer within 24hrs.


We have used tires for all vehicles, including: passenger cars and trucks, SUV's and sups. We offer unmatched value and quality in the used tires business. We give our customers the best possible prices they can't find elsewhere.
wholesale new tires


We also offer top quality new tires of different sizes and marks. Get the best tires for your customers that are suitable for all weather conditions. These tires have an extended lifespan and will provide top performance.
wholesale auto spare parts


Get your full container loads of assorted auto spare parts like vacuum pumps, camshaft adjuster, Nox sensors, stub axle, turbo hoses, egr valve, bonnet tailgate and door lock, as well as exhaust manifold.

Why Buy From Us

Are you looking for quality wholesale used or new tires, or auto spare parts? Look no further because we have great quality available in bulk at best rates.

At FABiDCOM, we sell the highest-quality used/new tires, vehicle spare parts, car accessories, and we do it at price points that are so low, you'll be amazed. We know that when it comes to buying wholesale used tires, you want two things: quality and price. We have both in spades—we only supply tires and spare parts that have been tested and approved for use by an end consumer.

We make sure our tires and spare parts are priced at a competitive rate, so that you can get them and redistribute them to your clients at a profitable rate. If you'd like to learn more about FABiDCOM or our products and services, contact us today!

Where We Are Shipping To

FABiDCOM ships wholesale tires and automobile spare parts to worldwide locations using ocean freight and inland transportation. We dispatch shipments in 20ft and 40ft containers (or bulk quantities via freight trains if needed).


North America

Working with buyers from the US and Canada to supply their customers worldwide


We supply western and eastern European customers and organize shipments by truck

Middle East

We can supply the entire region of the Middle East and also organize the shipments through ocean freight.


Our main market where we supply almost every county in the continent. 

South America

Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile are the countries we supply our top quality used German tires to.

India, Bangladesh

We also supply used car tires and truck tires to India and Bangladesh.

Far East

We supply countries like China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong


How are we handling your order?

We have a very simple process for handling our customer’s order. After placing your order based on the price list we will send you, we will organize the loading and transportation to the port of loading. We then hand over the tire load to your preferred shipping company.

The shipping company then confirms the load and sends you a draft bill of lading.  Once you confirm the draft bill of lading, the shipping company proceeds with shipment.

Submit Your Used Tires Inquiry

Let us know your inquiry and we will get back to with a full offer, a price list as well as terms and conditions. We usually reply to inquiries within 2 hours and at most within 24 hours.

It is important to fill out all the required fields below in order to receive a more accurate quotation of our wholesale used tires.

loaded wholesale used car tires

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum order quantity for both used car tires and used truck tires is 1*20FT Container which takes 1350 tires for 20ft. You can also order 40FT container load which is around 3300 tires.

We offer our prices depending on how many tires you want to import. Our prices are flat rate for used car tires of all sizes. We also have a flat rate for all truck tire sizes.

Yes! We can double or triple the tires before loading. By doubling or tripling the tires, you will have more quantity in a 20ft or 40ft while paying the same amount at your customs.

We ship our wholesale used tires to worldwide locations as long as there is a functional international seaport. We use reputable shipping companies that are reliable and fast in terms of delivery. So your shipments will be in good hands.

We accept different payment methods depending on the order scale. Contact us to discuss this further.

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FABiDCOM is a supplier of high-quality used and new car/truck tires, and auto spare parts. We are based in Germany and can ship to international destinations through faster and safer delivery methods be it truck load or ocean freight.

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